ORA-39142 “incompatible version”


Many people might have seen this error “ORA-39142 incompatible version” while importing the datapump dump file generated from a higher version Database into a lower version Database.

Many people has suggested me to upgrade the target also to the source version and some said it’s not at all possible to import a higher version dump into a lower version Database.

Thanks to the datapump team @ Oracle. they’ve given an excellent option for the expdp command. that’s called ‘version‘.

below is the computability matrix for EXPDP.

    Data Pump dumpfile compatibility.

    Export              Use Export Data Pump parameter VERSION=...
      From                 if dumpfile needs to be imported into a
    Source                Target Database with compatibility level
  Database        (value of init.ora/spfile parameter COMPATIBLE):
COMPATIBLE     9.2.0.x.0    10.1.0.x.0    10.2.0.x.0    11.1.0.x.0    11.2.0.x.0
---------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- -------------
10.1.0.x.0   VERSION=9.2             -             -             -             -
---------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- -------------
10.2.0.x.0   VERSION=9.2  VERSION=10.1             -             -             -
---------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- -------------
11.1.0.x.0   VERSION=9.2  VERSION=10.1  VERSION=10.2             -             -
---------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- -------------
11.2.0.x.0   VERSION=9.2  VERSION=10.1  VERSION=10.2  VERSION=11.1             -
---------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- -------------

So what is not possible then?

Connection to the Database with higher RDBMS version through a client (IMPDP binary) of lower version. See below for the compatibility matrix of that

Data Pump client compatibility.

   expdp and  Connecting to Database version
impdp client     10gR1      10gR2      11gR1      11gR2
     version  10.1.0.x   10.2.0.x   11.1.0.x   11.2.0.x
----------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------
   10.1.0.x  supported  supported  supported  supported
   10.2.0.x         no  supported  supported  supported
   11.1.0.x         no         no  supported  supported
   11.2.0.x         no         no         no  supported


Hope this helps.





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