How to send your jobs to background???


Hope all of you are doing good.

This time I want to talk about some UNIX stuff rather our usual discussion.

Lot of us might get with a situation to send our already running jobs, like impdp/imp etc…, into background because of various reasons.

Here’s the way to do that

Press CTRL+Z in the session your job is running

and type ‘bg’ to send it to background

But In AIX based systems I face some problems in doing that through these commands. After lot of struggle and search, I found a way to do that in AIX based machines

Just do

From another session, Identify the PID/SPID fo the process you want to send background

Do a ‘kill -s STOP PID’ ; This will pause your process execution.

Now give ‘kill -s CONT PID’ to continue the process in background. Alternatively you can do a ‘bg’ in the session where your process was running to start it in background.


For a full list of kill signals, see the table below

Number Name Description Used for
0 SIGNULL Null Check access to pid
1 SIGHUP Hangup Terminate; can be trapped
2 SIGINT Interrupt Terminate; can be trapped
3 SIGQUIT Quit Terminate with core dump; can be
9 SIGKILL Kill Forced termination; cannot be trapped
15 SIGTERM Terminate Terminate; can be trapped
24 SIGSTOP Stop Pause the process; cannot be trapped
25 SIGTSTP Terminal stop Pause the process; can be
26 SIGCONT Continue Run a stopped process


Hope this helps.

I appreciate your feedback/comments.





2 Responses to How to send your jobs to background???

  1. Padma Priya says:

    Nice one Chandu…..Explain about the UNIX signals more chandu..They are very much used and useful.They have a lot of imp in unix………

    • csmdba says:

      Thanks for stopping by Padma…

      Actually the main theme behind this blog is to emphasize on Oracle technology…

      Occasionally I’m stressing some important aspects of UNIX which are useful for the Oracle guys…

      Probably next time I can elaborate on the signals part…

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