How to send your jobs to background???


Hope all of you are doing good.

This time I want to talk about some UNIX stuff rather our usual discussion.

Lot of us might get with a situation to send our already running jobs, like impdp/imp etc…, into background because of various reasons.

Here’s the way to do that

Press CTRL+Z in the session your job is running

and type ‘bg’ to send it to background

But In AIX based systems I face some problems in doing that through these commands. After lot of struggle and search, I found a way to do that in AIX based machines

Just do

From another session, Identify the PID/SPID fo the process you want to send background

Do a ‘kill -s STOP PID’ ; This will pause your process execution.

Now give ‘kill -s CONT PID’ to continue the process in background. Alternatively you can do a ‘bg’ in the session where your process was running to start it in background.


For a full list of kill signals, see the table below

Number Name Description Used for
0 SIGNULL Null Check access to pid
1 SIGHUP Hangup Terminate; can be trapped
2 SIGINT Interrupt Terminate; can be trapped
3 SIGQUIT Quit Terminate with core dump; can be
9 SIGKILL Kill Forced termination; cannot be trapped
15 SIGTERM Terminate Terminate; can be trapped
24 SIGSTOP Stop Pause the process; cannot be trapped
25 SIGTSTP Terminal stop Pause the process; can be
26 SIGCONT Continue Run a stopped process


Hope this helps.

I appreciate your feedback/comments.