Larry revealed about much awaiting ‘Oracle Database 12C’


I’ve been watching all the videos and keynote presentations in Openworld 2012.

I’m listing the below highlights, briefly, from Openworld which, I felt, are helpful to you to be aware of.

The main announcements are

  1. Oracle Database 12C – will be released in early 2013 – database with multi tenancy feature
  2. Oracle’s private cloud – an addition to its public loud which was launched in 2011
  3. Exadata X3 engineered systems

Database 12c: the multi-tenant  database will have a container database where we can plug multiple databases. This is really a fundamental shift in the Oracle’s architecture. To explain more, if you have 3 different database one for ERP, one for CRM and one for DW, you can combine all of them into a single database which could reduce memory utilization by reducing the number of processes required by oracle. This will make us fit more number of databases on same hardware compared to earlier releases of Oracle and require less number of DBAs to administer them. According to Oracle’s benchmarking results, it’s 6X less number of resources required.

Oracle’s Private cloud: Oracle announced its private cloud in support to its public cloud. Through the private cloud Oracle will set the cloud infrastructure up in the customer premises itself, behind the customers’ firewall only but the monitoring and administration will be done by Oracle. And Oracle will be entering into the IaaS market as well. So they’ll be having SaaS, PaaS and IaaS with them from 2013. They said explicitly that is their competitor in IaaS market and in SaaS market and they’re already leaders in PaaS with their flagship Weblogic, Java and Solaris etc…

Exadata X3: Super-fast Engineered system with 26TB of memory with 10X compression so you can put 260TB of data directly in memory. And it supports 100GB/sec I/O.

I don’t want to list more features and details as I’m not working for Oracle’s sales 🙂

Please go through Larry’s presentation if you have some time to find out more about these.