Deploying OEM 12C Agents in silent mode

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I’ve already posted 2 articles on how to install OEM 12c in silent mode (  and

As an extension to them, I’m posting a new article on ‘Deploying OEM Agents’ . Please go through it to get an ideas of how to deploy the OEM 12C agents in silent mode.

We typically deploy agents on the machines which have our targets to be monitored.

For Eg: You want a Database called DB1, which is on machine MACH1, to be monitored. Then you need to deploy agents in that machine MACH1 which collects data from DB1 and uploads into the central OEM repository.

So you have to the agent deployment in all the machines which contain the targets you want to monitor through the OEM.

The main steps in deploying OEM 12C  agents are

  • Download OEM Agent software (latest software available is — One time activity
  • Copy the zip file to all the hosts in which you want to install the Agent software (The hosts which holds your targets like the Databases to be monitored) — Do this for every host in which you want to install agent software
  • Prepare a response file like we did for OEM software installation — Do this for every host in which you want to install agent software as this file contain some common attributes and some specific to the host
  • Deploy the agents — Do this for every host in which you want to install agent software

Download OEM Agent software:

On the host where you installed OMS (OEM software), launch emcli

Go to OMS_HOME/bin and give

./emcli login -username=sysman -password=XXXXXXX

Login successful

Then you need to synchronize emcli

./emcli sync

Synchronized successfully

Now check the platforms for which the Management Agent software is available on the OMS host

./emcli get_supported_platforms

Getting list of platforms …

Check the logs at /XXXXX/oms/bin/agent.log

About to access self-update code path to retrieve the platforms list..

Getting Platforms list  …


Version =

Platform = Linux x86-64


Platforms list displayed successfully.

Now get the Management Agent software from Oracle Software Library to the directory of your choice (on the OMS host)

./emcli get_agentimage -destination=/tmp/agent_software -platform=”Linux x86-64″ -version=”″

Platform:Linux x86-64


=== Partition Detail ===

Space free : 14 GB

Space required : 1 GB

Check the logs at /tmp/agent_software/get_agentimage_2012-07-14_23-10-00-PM.log

Setting property ORACLE_HOME to:/XXXXX/oms

calling pulloneoffs with arguments:/XXXXX/oms/sysman/agent/ linux_x64

Check this logs for more information: /XXXXXX/oms/sysman/prov/agentpush/logs

Now go and check for the Agent software zip file under /tmp

You’ll find a file like “”; This is the Agent Software you needed.

Copy it to the machine where you want to install the agent software.

Now you go ahead preparing the response files needed for the Agent software installation

Prepare a response file

Below are the parameters you must have in the response file to start the agent software installation

OMS_HOST=<Enter Your OMS host name (machine in which you installed the OEM software initially)>
EM_UPLOAD_PORT=7799 <This is the default port>
AGENT_REGISTRATION_PASSWORD=<Give a password of your choice>
AGENT_INSTANCE_HOME=<Absolute path of the directory in which you’re planning to install the agent software>
AGENT_PORT=1832<This is a default port>
ORACLE_HOSTNAME=<The host in which you want to install the agent software>
s_agentHomeName=”agent12gR1″ <This is the default value provided by Oracle>

After entering all the necessary values, you can move to next step i.e. launching the Agent installer.

Deploying the Agents

Unzip the we downloaded in the first step

You will find a file like in the unzipped files.

Now run

./ AGENT_BASE_DIR=<The directory in which you want to install the agent software> RESPONSE_FILE=<Absolute path of the agent response file we’ve prepared in the above step>

After the installation is finished, run the below script


and this will windup the installation task.

You can check if the agent is running by giving

$AGNET_HOME/core/ status agent

So you are done with the OEM software installation: and


Agent installation:

Now, we’ll go ahead adding targets to be monitored to the enterprise manager which actually completes the OEM setup. Unless you add the targets, you can’t see anything about them in the OEM console.

See my next post on how to add targets(I’ll be focusing on how to add Databases, which are main point of concern for any DBA) in silent mode.




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