Installing OEM 12C in silent mode – Part II – Preparing the response files and running the installer

Please read Part-I @ before reading this

Now we’ll see the contents and mandatory fields of the OEM installation response file…
The response file is similar to the ones required by all the Oracle silent mode installation frameworks…
Below are the minimum field required to be filled up apart from the defaults assumed by Oracle…

UNIX_GROUP_NAME= Primary group of Oracle user

ORACLE_MIDDLEWARE_HOME_LOCATION= The base installation directory under which you want to put all your installation components like OMS, Agent, Weblogic etc…

DATABASE_HOSTNAME=machine name/IP address of the Database host where your OEM repository Database is located

LISTENER_PORT=port number of the listener on which your repository database service is running

SERVICENAME_OR_SID= Your repository database service_name/SID

SYS_PASSWORD=password for the sys user

SYSMAN_PASSWORD=password for the sysman user

SYSMAN_CONFIRM_PASSWORD=confirm sysman password

ORACLE_INSTANCE_HOME_LOCATION=it’s usually MIDDLEWARE_HOME/gc_inst but you can give a directory of your choice. This is the location where OEM creates an instance for our current oms installation

MANAGEMENT_TABLESPACE_LOCATION= Location of the OEM’s management tablespace’s data file

CONFIGURATION_DATA_TABLESPACE_LOCATION=Location of the OEM’s configuration tablespace’s data file

JVM_DIAGNOSTICS_TABLESPACE_LOCATION=Location of the OEM’s diagnostics tablespace’s data file

These are like normal datafiles every database uses for its tablespaces.

Now we’re complied to all the prerequisites, prepared our response file; let’s move on to the actual installation…

Download the OEM 12C packages from

unzip the packages in some staging directory and find a file called “runInstaller”.

now issue the command

runInstaller -silent -responseFile OEM_install.rsp

There’re lot more options available to direct the installation; you can find them @

This will start the installer and complete your installation.

Check the installation logs and perform the post installation steps specified by the OEM installer and you are done…

Your OEM is ready…You can access it from https://your_installation_host:7799/em

Keep watching my next post to install agents and add targets to be monitored in silent mode…

I appreciate you feedback and comments…



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