Installing OEM 12C in silent mode – Part I – Basic Prerequisites

Hi Guys,

I was trying to install OEM 12C last week. Installing 12C is nothing special but I wanted to do everything in silent mode. My plan was to automate the installation of OMS, Agents deployment and addition of the targets.

Oracle’s GUI mode installation is a bit easier as Oracle corporation has improved the accessibility very much and reduced the number of screens compared to it’s predecessor! but the silent mode installation is a bit painful even now!!

I’m writing the entire procedure in separate parts as it’s not that readable for the users if I post the entire thing in one post…

Ok, let’s move on…

I assume you had already checked and made your system comply with the prerequisites specified by Oracle

For OMS –

For Agent –

After that you have to install one Database, with partitioning option enabled (obviously an EE database), which will be used by the OEM for its internal storage purposes.

But don’t get panic if you want to install OEM to monitor your targets which are SE/SE1 and you don’t have a EE license. Oracle allows you to run an EE Database, even in your production systems, without any extra license, for OEM storage purposes. All you need is you have to have a proper license for all the targets monitored by the OEM and the OEM itself.

The most important thing is, the OEM installer will abort if the Repository Database already contains SYSMAN schema. And much more dangerous thing is the installer will move forward if you don’t have SYSMAN schema but have others like SYSMAN_MDS, MGMT_VIEW etc…This is dangerous because the installer will not complete all the actions properly because of the existence of these other things…

So you have to make sure you don’t have SYSMAN and other things mentioned above as well…

execute the below commands in your repository Database by logging in as sys user…

drop user SYSMAN cascade;
drop user SYSMAN_MDS cascade;
drop user MGMT_VIEW cascade;
drop user SYSMAN_RO cascade;
drop user SYSMAN_OPSS cascade;
drop user SYSMAN_APM cascade;
drop user SYSMAN_BIP;
drop user CLOUD_SWLIB_USER cascade;
drop user CLOUD_ENGINE_USER cascade;
drop role MGMT_USER;
spool synonyms.lst
select ‘drop ‘|| decode(owner,’PUBLIC’,owner||’ synonym ‘||synonym_name, ‘ synonym ‘||owner||’.’||synonym_name) ||’;’ from dba_synonyms where table_owner in (‘SYSMAN’, ‘SYSMAN_MDS’, ‘MGMT_VIEW’, ‘SYSMAN_BIP’, ‘SYSMAN_APM’, ‘SYSMAN_OPSS’, ‘SYSMAN_RO’) ;
spool off
spool tablespaces.lst
select ‘drop tablespace ‘||tablespace_name||’ including contents and datafiles;’ from dba_tablespaces where tablespace_name like ‘MGMT%’;
spool off
delete from SCHEMA_VERSION_REGISTRY where COMP_NAME=’Metadata Services’;
delete from SCHEMA_VERSION_REGISTRY where COMP_NAME=’Authorization Policy Manager’;
delete from SCHEMA_VERSION_REGISTRY where COMP_NAME=’Oracle Platform Security Services’;

Please have a look into the part II for the response file creation and remaining steps…

Part II is @



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